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Minnesota Veterinary Medical Board Approved


Building Moral Resilience to Combat Moral Stress

We are all guided by our personal and professional moral compass. When we are prevented from following our moral compass due to situational circumstances, we experience moral stress. The veterinarian who is prevented from providing treatment due to client requests and the technician who struggles to understand a veterinarian’s decision to euthanize are just two of the many ethical dilemmas that happen daily. Moral stress can build over time and lead to feelings of compromised integrity and professional identity. Fortunately, we can build our moral resilience to guard against moral distress. Learn the tools to build moral resilience in yourself and how to create a culture of moral resilience within your team.


Clinic Wellness: Practical and Lasting Ways to Support Your Team

Get to the bottom of what’s happening with your team by exploring your clinic’s culture. Culture is behind the statement, “That’s just how it is around here!” Positive culture can boost morale and increase productivity, while toxic cultures strip morale and increase turnover. Learn what contributes to a clinic’s culture, identify your clinic’s current culture and the desired clinic culture for your clinic. Discover strategies to promote team support for culture change and get inspired by examples of what other clinics have done to bolster their culture and their team!


Communication and De-escalation:  Shifting Challenging Situations into Productive Experiences.

Have you ever been engaged with a frustrated client and struggled to find a positive way forward? Have you wanted to approach a co-worker about their behavior but you worried how they might react? These are common veterinary clinic concerns that can be addressed when we understand the roots of communication and the skills of de-escalation. When we understand our responses and recognize the reactions of others we can change the mood of a room from hostile to productive.


Self-Awareness: We’ve Been Doing it Wrong…and How to do it Right!

We’ve been asking the wrong question when we try to gain insight into our thoughts and behaviors. Explore the ways we develop our self-concept and how that impacts our lives. Learn the right questions to ask and practice applying those question to enhance long lasting personal and professional benefits of true self-awareness.


Grief & Loss


Compassion Fatigue