Counseling Support

When confronted with personal, emotional or social issue, it can be beneficial to talk with a professional. We provide mental health services to those struggling with the challenges and transitions we all experience in life. Counseling services are offered in Woodbury, MN and Golden Valley, MN.


veterinary Professionals

Recent studies have shown that the veterinary community experiences mental health issues at a rate 2-3 times higher than the general public. These issues include depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. We provide confidential support for these challenges to help professionals find a healthy balance in their work and life.

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animal care givers

The loss of a companion animal can cause feelings of grief, guilt, anger, sadness and more. Grief can be complicated when our family and friends don't understand the bond we share with animals or the impact of that loss. Whether you care for animals in a veterinary clinic, shelter, or in your home, we provide individual counseling with a focus on the human animal bond and we will walk with you on your healing journey.

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Children and families

The loss of a companion animal impacts individuals and families differently depending on their relationship to and interaction with the animal. Adjusting to these changes and healing can take time and support. We provide individual counseling to children at their developmental stage. We also offer family counseling where each member can share their experience and move towards healing together.