Grief & Loss

 Grief is the natural response to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or attachment was formed. Grief is the process for emotional healing caused by loss, endings and change. The experience of grief may include feelings of anger, depression, anxiety and guilt. Grief is unique to each individual, and the grief response will vary from person to person.


training for vet clinics

Learn about effective verbal and non-verbal communication tools to engage with grieving clients. Understand what animal-related grief looks like and the factors that can make grieving animal loss challenging. Review the components of a bond-centered clinic to further support clients in grief and enhance client relationships.


1.5 CEUs - Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine


training for counselors

When the bond with an animal is broken, grief and bereavement responses that mirror human loss can result. Mental health professionals have the opportunity to learn about the human animal bond, understand the intensity of animal loss, and how to provide for healing through a grief counseling lens. 


counseling for animal caregivers

The loss of a companion animal can cause feelings of grief, guilt, anger, sadness and more. Grief can be complicated when our family and friends don't understand the bond we share with animals or the impact of that loss. We provide individual and family counseling for those looking to heal after the loss of a companion animal.