Organization Support

Organizations are living systems that are impacted by the individuals who make up the organization. When things are out of balance within the system morale drops, turn-over increases, and complaints arise. As a member of a system in trouble, it can hard to identify the cause and set the system back on track. We provide an objective lens to help your organization regain balance.



Initial consultation will provide an organization with an overview of current challenges and potential paths forward to resolve those challenges. The organization is provided with an actionable plan that they can implement on their own or with continued support from us.



Change can be difficult for many people and organizations as a whole. For organizations who want additional support through the change process we provide consultation, meeting facilitation, recommendation and implementation support while the organization adjusts to the change.


ongoing support

Some organizations may want on-going support of a social worker as a part of the team. We can attend meetings, rounds, or be available during key organizational times throughout the year. Our staff is available to provide on-going support to your organization as needed.