I wish this training was mandatory for all veterinary professionals.
— Compassion Fatigue Training Participant
The trainer was nice and professional. I enjoyed learning how we can conduct ourselves & how we can help others.
— Communication for Grief and Loss Training Participant
The presentation left me feeling motivated to try to do more about compassion fatigue at a personal and organizational level.
— Compassion Fatigue Training Participant

Ms. Crockford created clear and streamlined logic models based on evidence-based practice and focused and practical evaluation tools that are clearly linked to logic model outcomes. The logic model proved to be an excellent tool in cultivating relationships with foundations.
— Dan Thomas, Former Executive Director - Free Arts Minnesota

Colleen Crockford is a proven leader who brings clarity and inspiration to organizations and individuals alike. Her work in the non-profit sector has changed the lives of many. Through our work together, I developed an appreciation for Colleen’s insight, analytical skills and work ethic. As a visionary consultant, she brings clarity, strategic vision, knowledge and unwavering integrity. As your consultant, Colleen will ignite potential with authenticity, energy and passion.
— Darlene Disney, Former Executive Director - Rivers of Hope